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Flat fees allow you to know what the bill will be for a particular deliverable product, shifting the burden of time management onto the attorney.  You won’t be charged for phone calls, emails, and meetings, and I will take time to get to know you and understand your business to best serve your needs.  If you are unsure which documents you will need or what is included in a flat fee price, feel free to email me so we can discuss which documents you need and you can get a firm idea of cost.

Corporate Formation                                            $1,000

  (includes State of Texas filing fees)

Corporate Ownership Agreements                    

  Basic completed agreement                             $   500

  Negotiated and tailored agreement                $1,000

Contract Review (includes written report)

  Contract < 29 pages                                            $   350

  Contract 30-70 pages                                          $   500

Demand or Cease & Desist Letter                        $   750

  (includes up to two hours follow-up)

Legal Audit of Small to Medium Enterprise          $1,000

  (includes report and recommendations)

Copyright and Trademark  Filing                           $1,000

Basic Employment Policy  Package                      $   750


Flat fees are not appropriate for some issues, such as filing or defending lawsuits, negotiating agreements, drafting contracts, or resolving disputes.

$200 / Hour for consultation, research, contract drafting, negotiating, mediation, and all other transactional or litigation services beyond the work covered under a flat fee agreement. Free first 1/2 hour consultation.


Flat or hourly fees are not appropriate for some issues, such as personal injury or product liability lawsuits. Depending on the case, a contingency fee (typically 40% of jury or judge’s award plus expenses) may be the appropriate free agreement.